NDT and Material Testing per ASTM API and NACE in Kuwait and Middle-East
NDT and Material Testing Kuwait
Heat Treatment in Kuwait
TCR-Kuwait offers post weld heat treatment (PWHT) by using electricity as source of heating for stress relieving of weld joints and diesel fuel as source of heating for stress relieving for pressure vessels.

TCR-Kuwait offers a range of heat treatment services through a wide range of temperatures. We utilize both electrical and fuel fired method as a source of heating with the sole objective of reinforcing process and component integrity and quality. TCR-Kuwait engineers and staff work to ensure your complete satisfaction with our heat treatment services. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to develop custom configuration for your particular process. Our heating processes include low-Range, Mid-Range & High-Range Temperature Heating.

All TCR-Kuwait heat treatment services are designed to minimize downtime, improve structural integrity, and enhance effective plant life. Additionally, depending on the mobility of the required equipment many of our heating processes can be applied on-site or at your facility.

TCR-Kuwait supply specialized personnel and equipment to carry out a wide range of heat treatment processes like post weld heat treatment of vessels, spheres and fabricated spools.

Kuwait is also able to perform refractory dry outs, curing of coating. TCR-Kuwait is able to mobilize equipment and man power to perform the heat treatment process any where in the world within short period of time. TCR-Kuwait high velocity burners enable excellent temperature distribution and uniformity at all times due to the intense scrubbing action. TCR-Kuwait is also able to construct temporary furnaces at our clients sites where internal firing is not a practical or cost effective option.

TCR-Kuwait uses 70KVA purpose built transformers for pre and post weld heating and stress relief. Six channel chart recorders incorporating type K thermocouple are used to monitor work piece temperature. TCR-Kuwait is very specialized in On-site heat treatment by Oil and Gas with High velocity burners.

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