NDT and Material Testing per ASTM API and NACE in Kuwait and Middle-East
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Press Release
Rohit Bafna to present paper on "Case Study of ToFD" at 4MENDT
Date: Nov 15, 2007

TCR wins Award for Excellent Laboratory from NACE
Date: Sep 14, 2007

TCR to exhibit and present a paper at 4MENDT in Bahrain
Date: Aug 11, 2007

TCR introduces Helium Leak Testing Services in Middle-East
Date: Aug 6, 2007

Innovative Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) from TCR Arabia
Date: July 25, 2007

Automated Ultrasonic Testing using Time of Flight Diffraction by TCR
Date: Nov 15, 2006

V.K.Bafna to speak at Root Cause Analysis 2006 in Houston, TX, USA
Date: Nov 05, 2006

Staffing NDT Inspection Engineers in the Middle-East
Date: June 26, 2006

V.K. Bafna at the Asia Pacific Conference on "World Class Laboratory Management"
Date: June 23, 2006

Need for Failure Analysis in India and the Middle East
Date: Jan 22, 2005

TCR Kuwait Team
Articles in the Media
Attention Shoppers
Publication: Lab Equipment Magazine
Date: Feb 9, 2006

Failure Analysis Articles
Publication: Plant Maintenance Resource Center
Date: Oct 25, 2005

Microstructure Articles
Microstructrure of the Month

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Speaking Engagements
TCR-Kuwait Management and Cheif Metallurgists are occasionally available for corporate in-house speaking engagements and workshops at your firm. We speak and present on the impact of material testing, the challenges and pit-falls of selecting the right materials, positive metal identification, failure analysis and metallography, callibration standards, advances in NDT, impact of corrosion, and setting up of a ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

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